Jamie Robinson the photographer

Jamie Robinson one amazing photographer in Manchester!!!!

Suzi arranged to meet a photographer as we could not find an event for our assignment. Jamie Robinson works in a  place which is the impressive building on Deansgate in Manchester. Looking at the picture below I thought it was a church but then I found out it was John Rylands library

Enjoy England Quality Assured Visitor Attraction

We as a group we had to create questions so that we could ask the photographer. This questions were planned and ready to be asked to Jamie. The question were related to social media and also about photography in social media .

Jamie like the question that he was been asked about social media in photography because he was an photography him self . The question we asked were:-

1)Does photography help or hinder your socialising?

2)Did you find that social media helped to promote your recent exhibition in New York?

3)Do u think social media in photography is important in Manchester?

4)What are the benefits as photographer of attending social media events?

5)How important is socializing with other photographers to you as an individual?

So as you can see this questions above they were easy to ask Jamie and they easy to answered back to us and this helped us to do our social technology assignment

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International perspective of Social Media in manchester

Social media around Manchester has lots of events going on

At different in Manchester you can see lots of social media icon that is been used such as follow us on twitter or like a page in Facebook as shown below in the image. This two platforms are very famous and used a lot than any  other platform, so this tells us that that this is the only way people can contact internationally

In Manchester I have hardly seen the QR codes used but when i saw it the first time i couldn’t understand it but then realized what QR codes used to do.

Sharing information like this through out the social websites explains why its so important for our beautiful Manchester.

In Manchester I have seen many restaurants and different places where people use check-in and also other sorts of social media like Tumblr which I personally use it on my phone which is more like uploading pictures, creating blogs so other people can have a look its just another type of WordPress. This apps help people around Manchester upload pictures and create blogs


No events for social tech assignment what to do?

Our group in social technology we decided to go for a event but it all changed and we couldn’t go, why? because the event we were supposed to go was filled.

But we did not gave up and when one of my group member was looking for more events, one e was of the sites we looked at events which shows a list of events in Manchester that we planned to go.



Social media in Photography

Is social media helping your business, or is it simply wasting your time? The truth is, most people don’t have any idea. Bringing your business into social media is easy, but getting something out of it requires more than just keeping in touch with family and friends.

Let’s be realistic about it.

Even with all the talk of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Google+, I still know photographers who don’t know what to do with it. They’ve got a Facebook account because they’ve been told everyone is doing it. They hear that a whole world of new customers are there, waiting for them. It’s a new, great, easy, and cheap way to market themselves.

I also noticed that these photographers had a greater sense of self. They know what their specialties are, and what they love to shoot. They are fully aware of what makes them different. They tend to identify with a group, or “tribe”, in real life, and social media is simply a tool that helps them connect with other members of their own tribe.

Jurgen Banda-Hansmann is a photographer in Cape Town, South Africa. He uses Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as marketing tools for his business. He specializes in portraiture (especially for people who may be uncomfortable in front of a camera), and event photography (corporate events, birthday parties, and business networking events.)

He uses Twitter to connect mainly with publishers and other photographers. Facebook is a place where he initiates dialogs with people with the goal of establishing a trusting relationship with existing and potential clients. LinkedIn, he says, is a regular source of assignment work.

The image on the below, of champagne glasses at a corporate event, is an image that came from an assignment generated via his connections on LinkedIn.


In Manchester their are lots of professional photographers. These photographers in Manchester go to lots of different types of event to take photos for their clients and then they give those photos to the owner where he/she can upload them on Facebook or twitter or any other social media site, and this is where people will come to this beautiful Manchester because of only the professional photographers

So guys if you have any questions about social media in photography please leave a comment

Manchester social media scene

Manchester one of the biggest city in United kingdom with lots social media that everyone can enjoy going to it.

Manchester Social Media was born out of a Comic Relief funded project working with people with mental health issues. The project had a long history of working with community groups and the NHS and was commissioned to produce a major documentary about delivering race equality in mental health across Greater Manchester. This lead onto the project becoming a Community Interest Company expanding into the private sector and enabling MSM to develop into other areas such as music video, animation, advertisments and radio.

The team at Manchester Social Media all have an extensive background in media production, including Channel 4 and the BBC; this ensures our production values remain consistently high. Here at MSM  (Manchester social media) are proud of their reputation for being genuine and friendly with a flexible and enthusiastic approach to the work they do.

MSM (Manchester social media) provide consultancy services in social media, and media production, with backgrounds in the voluntary, private, public and education sectors, MSM has experience of providing project management and consultancy services to a broad range of companies.

MSM  (Manchester social media) have working relationships with PR companies, screen writers, musicians, performers, project managers, designers… in fact the majority of professional occupations that make up the creative industries.


This is one of the most beautiful place for social media. BBC, ITV are one of them located at Manchester.

Manchester Radio online 

One of the exciting projects within Manchester Social Media is ManchesterRadioOnline.com, the leading independent online radio station in the UK
ManchesterRadioOnline.com is an alternative radio station to the ‘burger’ stations*, and has a mission to provide genuine entertainment, online. We have professional broadcasters and we’re professionally managed.
Being internet based means that our material can be more challenging, more original and more experimental. Traditional stations have streaming, but this is only their ’same old’ FM or AM output – but streamed. We recognise online listeners are not seeking the same experience and we deliver accordingly.

With presenters such as the controversial James Stannage, and former BBC presenter Phil Wood Manchester Radio Online is the number one online station in the North West of England.

So if you want to do social media at Manchester its the place to be where you get a the facilities, with top ranges of products for media.

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Google update

I was bored when I had nothing to do so I went on Google and typed my name “SamSanghani”and my name came up as shown in the screenshot below. I was surprised how my digital identity has boomed up from 0 to 100 and I am very pleased about this.

Secondly when you type my surname “sanghani” in Google it shows my name but only up to the second page. This has boosted by digital identity and I hope it goes higher an higher when people search me on Google


BBC Archive 3rd week (Reflections)

Today was the final week for our final mash-up video project, its finished but it’s not exactly finished but at least the video gets a viewable state.

The last week of our project we had some issues one of our group member did not get the topic and we had to hand our mash up video on the same week but we got there in the end and we were doing our video.

Our video that I am going to show you below needs some extra work like more features, the title should last for longer, need mor text on the video and finally the ending needs to finish as a movie rather than just the names of the group

Doing a group project needs to have skills that applies on the projects. So have a look at the video below that we created as a group

Doing this projects has graduated me with many skills.

Doing the mash up video I learnt skills like communicating with the group members which is key part in a group because if you do not discuss your issues then it gets worse and worse and this will lead to project failure.  Secondly I also gained communication skills (written), in our video we had put some text to make the video look attractive, but by doing this we had to communicate with the group and discuss what text we are going to put in. This also includes thinking skills such as who is going to do the research, who is going to deal with the issues e.t.c

Team working skills was the main skills doing this mash up video project why? because  with out the team the project would have failed, so in our group we all had to split the work for example who is going to the mashup video, who is going to reasearch on the topic e.t.c. When we did this it mad our work so much easier and we also met the deadline on time. On the other hand our team did struggle but in the end we did all the work that’s the point of having team working skills.

IPhone 4s vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Phones, phones, phones. Technology get better and better but there are rivalry between the phone companies


On 02 november 2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S was released  in September 2011 and the Apple iPhone 4S was released  in October 2011.

Apple iPhone 4S and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S are quad-band devices. The Apple iPhone 4S supports both CDMA and GSM systems in one device. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S weighs about 117g and the Apple iPhone 4S weighs about 140g. I rather have a phone that weighs less cause you do not want to carry heavy phones in your pockets do you?

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S displays 480 x 854 pixels onto a 4.2-inch screen and the Apple iPhone 4S displays 640 x 960 pixels onto a 3.5-inch screen. The bigger the screen the better the screen why? because you can see better and its more clearer. Look at this Sony Ericsson xperia mini, they are very small and tiny so when playing games or calling someone its hard to look and also its not easy to touch the screen (if your fingers are fat).

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S uses a 1.4 GHz single-core Qualcomm processor to drive Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread). The Apple iPhone 4S uses a dual-core 1 GHz A5 processor to drive iOS 5.




Iphone 4s has Siri recognition system, if you ask Siri “whats the weather today?” Siri will reply back and responds ” Here is the focast for today and this will show you on your screen. The Arc s has the smiliar thing but not clever than the Iphone 4s. In Arc you have to tell the each word and then it will dispaly the words you said on the screen

The battery is a killer for the phones for the Iphone 4s 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of 3g browsing while the Arc s will have 7 hours of talk time, 4 hours of 3g browsing and 6 hours of talk time. This is bad for the phones because you have to charge your phone everyday to get up next morning to do more stuff on your phone.

Th Iphone 4s has 8 mega pixel same as the arc so they have the top camera which is good for the users, no one likes a phone with low mega pixel do they?

Sony Ericsson arc s

Sony Ericsson arc s

Please feel free and leave a comment below and tell me which phone is the best 🙂

Swaminarayan gadi pipe band

Shree Muktajeevan Pipe Band was established in 1972 in honour of Gurudev Adya Acharyapravar Jeevanpran Shree Muktajeevan Swamibapa. With the Divine Blessings of HH Swamibapa, the devotees of Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan, London formed the Pipe Band

With the continuous inspiration and guidance of HDH Acharya Swamishree, the band has flourished into a unique Indian Pipe Band in full Scottish regalia playing both Indian and Scottish Tunes

Similarly sister Bands have been established the world over – H H Swamibapa Pipe Band in Nairobi, Kenya, Swamibapa Pipe Band in New Jersey, USA and Swaminarayan Gadi Pipe Band in Bolton, UK. All of these Bands frequently mobilise to support charitable causes.

The Band

The function of the pipe band was primarily to play at the major festivals and charitable events sponsored by Shree Swaminarayan Gadi Sansthan.

Additionally the band plays at public festivals and fund raising events through out the world. These include:-

  • Charity fund raiser Maastricht, Holland
  • Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust Appeal
  • Youth Music of the World fund raiser
  • Murti Pratishta Mahotsav
  • Blood Donation Event Bolton, UK
  • Organ Donation Campaign, London, UK
  • Universal Peace Convention, Maninagar Ahmedabad, India
  • Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Commonwealth Celebrations, Buckingham Palace, London
  • Tsunami Fund Raising, Leicester Square and Oxford Street, London

And many more……….


Swaminaryan gadi pipe band have performed around the world. Here is the lsit of the performances

London pipe band

London pipe band

Bolton pipe band

Bolton pipe band

Kenya pipe band

Kenya pipe band

USA pipe band

USA pipe band

BBC Archive 2nd Week (progress)

It’s the second week of our BBC Archive project and its getting hotter and hotter as we have sixty gigabyte of video content to remix and play with our project. This week we have started to create our mash up video and we have taken some of the videos from the BBC archive project that our tutor had given to us. We have all the plans on how to create the video, we have the structure on what we are doing.

Editing the video is the hardest bit why? because you do not know where to put all the stuff and what will make it look good and professional another point is that during the process we had some difficulties on the group, we had one of the member that did not like the topic, so he was trying to change it, but we as a group we sat down and discussed the topic well with that member and explained to him what exactly we have to do for the project

Finally we have collected all the pictures, videos and music for our mash up video but all we have to do is to make the mash up video up to two minutes and therefore we have to remove some of the sections on every part we chose for example remove some section on the video and some section from the pictures e.t.c

Here is the software that we are going to use for creating our mash up video for the project