Digital Identity

Hello to my fellow readers!!! Welcome to my first ever post about Digital identity

Now that you know my name and I have introduced to you I will be writing a my first blog  and alos manyy to come as I will be updating my post!

In my first blog I will be talking about of personal information/identity which everyone has over the interent.

The exciting part is that once you sign up on a web evryone arounf the world e.g families, employers, friends would like to know how the connection is formed. Here they will all know how you ar, what type of a person, your personality and all the people will have an opinion about you.

There are a lot of social website such as Hi5, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, chat rooms and many more. There are many people outside who are literally thinking about you for example if an employer is looking on a CV that you have applied for a job and then the employer goes on google and searches by your name and you have a funny picture that does not look professional the employer will basically think about you becoming an employee, on the other hand if you had a good picture on twitter or facebook or no bad comments like rude words on someones status this will look professional and the employer may give you a job.

This is how people would look/view as, so we now know do not do anything bad, upload bad pictures on facebook, twitter or comment rude words, we do not want to lose our new job now do we?

The screens shot below shows of my name I typed on google.

It is quite weird when you type you name on  the google search engine and you see you name coming up, we all think we are all famous but on the other hand people can create a fake accounts about you and this may cause alot of problems and also you do not want other people looking at you personal stuff.

Thank you for reading my Blog for today I’ll soon be updating for more cheers!!


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