Copyright and a mashup video

I have downloaded music, videos and movies in my life. Is it copyright or is it  illegal? No body stands out original we need copying to build the foundation of knowledge and understanding and after that… things can get intresting. After all everybody do download music, videos and movies. People in this world order/buy movies, music, people collect quite large collection of music and movies. I as a person I don’t like listening to bad quality of music and I dont like watching movies that are recorded from a computer or cinemas but on the other hand copyright is where you are building your foundation of knowledge and understanding.

On the other hand remixing and reusing someones work is totally a different thing, and this is where the creative commons comes in. Stimulating, thrilling idea  of a different type of your music, videos or movies are all sorts of intellectual property(IP). Sharing ideas and being creative to others without copyright law, how good will the world be?The soil  from which we grow our creation is something we contempt and misunderstand even though it gives us so much and that’s copying.

The Basic Elements of creativity are copying, transforming and combining.

I’ll upload my first mashup video to show you what I mean by this topic

Attributing sources

Google – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

YouTube – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Google Image Result for

Anti ACTA Protest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania 11.02.2012 – THIS REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED – YouTube

Google Image Result for

Rise Together 2011 Recap on Vimeo

Editing package

I used Windows movie maker to edit my video and I also used different types of techniques such as video transitions like bars circle, fade in, fade out and also used for rendering the audio file high and low so it looks perfect

Is copyright illegal? What happens if I copy Someone’s work? Is copy right building your knowledge and understanding?Please leave a comment what you think 🙂


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