BBC archive 1st week (intro)

Today I’ll be writing about BBC archive project which is part of our assignment.The BBC archived consists of many images, videos, podcasts and many more.

This week we formed a group with ambereen rahman and suzi zobair to believe  in ways in which this BBC archive can be used. We have been brainstorming on the topic we chose during the lecture, So the we have formed will work with will help create a mash up video.

We as a group we have selected some topics that we are going to create a mash up video, the video will include the following information:

Football (as religion)

  1. Multiculturalism – British ,Asians, arabs, american, Middle Eastern, Africa
  2. Religions – hindu, muslim, sikh jewish, christian
  3. Music


The video will be up to 5 minutes maximum Video

the ideas  we have come up with are :

  1. Commentary about football culture vs Religion Culture
  2. making football as a religion where everyone is so into football and talk about the cultures from different background that are into football and what its like in their own countries..

We have chose this topic called Football/Religion Culture mixed because we want to speak about racism should not be allowed in this world every person in this world is equal no matter what if you are rich or poor. So I am looking forward for creating this mah up video with my crew ambareen rahman and suzi zobair and if you have any comments please leave a comment below


2 thoughts on “BBC archive 1st week (intro)

  1. Your idea is very interesting. I think you should be careful to avoid confusion within it though, because you seem to be trying to convey two equally large topics: racism and religion. I look forward to viewing your mashup video. If executed well, it will be astonishing. Good luck!

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