BBC Archive 2nd Week (progress)

It’s the second week of our BBC Archive project and its getting hotter and hotter as we have sixty gigabyte of video content to remix and play with our project. This week we have started to create our mash up video and we have taken some of the videos from the BBC archive project that our tutor had given to us. We have all the plans on how to create the video, we have the structure on what we are doing.

Editing the video is the hardest bit why? because you do not know where to put all the stuff and what will make it look good and professional another point is that during the process we had some difficulties on the group, we had one of the member that did not like the topic, so he was trying to change it, but we as a group we sat down and discussed the topic well with that member and explained to him what exactly we have to do for the project

Finally we have collected all the pictures, videos and music for our mash up video but all we have to do is to make the mash up video up to two minutes and therefore we have to remove some of the sections on every part we chose for example remove some section on the video and some section from the pictures e.t.c

Here is the software that we are going to use for creating our mash up video for the project


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