BBC Archive 3rd week (Reflections)

Today was the final week for our final mash-up video project, its finished but it’s not exactly finished but at least the video gets a viewable state.

The last week of our project we had some issues one of our group member did not get the topic and we had to hand our mash up video on the same week but we got there in the end and we were doing our video.

Our video that I am going to show you below needs some extra work like more features, the title should last for longer, need mor text on the video and finally the ending needs to finish as a movie rather than just the names of the group

Doing a group project needs to have skills that applies on the projects. So have a look at the video below that we created as a group

Doing this projects has graduated me with many skills.

Doing the mash up video I learnt skills like communicating with the group members which is key part in a group because if you do not discuss your issues then it gets worse and worse and this will lead to project failure.  Secondly I also gained communication skills (written), in our video we had put some text to make the video look attractive, but by doing this we had to communicate with the group and discuss what text we are going to put in. This also includes thinking skills such as who is going to do the research, who is going to deal with the issues e.t.c

Team working skills was the main skills doing this mash up video project why? because  with out the team the project would have failed, so in our group we all had to split the work for example who is going to the mashup video, who is going to reasearch on the topic e.t.c. When we did this it mad our work so much easier and we also met the deadline on time. On the other hand our team did struggle but in the end we did all the work that’s the point of having team working skills.


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