Google update

I was bored when I had nothing to do so I went on Google and typed my name “SamSanghani”and my name came up as shown in the screenshot below. I was surprised how my digital identity has boomed up from 0 to 100 and I am very pleased about this.

Secondly when you type my surname “sanghani” in Google it shows my name but only up to the second page. This has boosted by digital identity and I hope it goes higher an higher when people search me on Google



One thought on “Google update

  1. It’s nice feeling like all the hard work has paid off when you Google yourself and get links that relate to you, your work etc.
    Different people will get different Google results as it provides results part based on what you have searched for or looked at before. When I googled SamSanghani I got lots of links to your WordPress but not the same order as the screenshot you have. Googling your surname I didn’t get any hits for you on the front page however googling ‘Samir Sanghani’ brought up your twitter and LinkedIn. [If you want less biased results try clearing your browser history and signing out of your google account (if you have one) or using a browser you don’t usually]
    Seeing how many other people there are out there with your name, to be getting so much on the front page of the search is a really good result. <– personalised search

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