Manchester social media scene

Manchester one of the biggest city in United kingdom with lots social media that everyone can enjoy going to it.

Manchester Social Media was born out of a Comic Relief funded project working with people with mental health issues. The project had a long history of working with community groups and the NHS and was commissioned to produce a major documentary about delivering race equality in mental health across Greater Manchester. This lead onto the project becoming a Community Interest Company expanding into the private sector and enabling MSM to develop into other areas such as music video, animation, advertisments and radio.

The team at Manchester Social Media all have an extensive background in media production, including Channel 4 and the BBC; this ensures our production values remain consistently high. Here at MSM  (Manchester social media) are proud of their reputation for being genuine and friendly with a flexible and enthusiastic approach to the work they do.

MSM (Manchester social media) provide consultancy services in social media, and media production, with backgrounds in the voluntary, private, public and education sectors, MSM has experience of providing project management and consultancy services to a broad range of companies.

MSM  (Manchester social media) have working relationships with PR companies, screen writers, musicians, performers, project managers, designers… in fact the majority of professional occupations that make up the creative industries.


This is one of the most beautiful place for social media. BBC, ITV are one of them located at Manchester.

Manchester Radio online 

One of the exciting projects within Manchester Social Media is, the leading independent online radio station in the UK is an alternative radio station to the ‘burger’ stations*, and has a mission to provide genuine entertainment, online. We have professional broadcasters and we’re professionally managed.
Being internet based means that our material can be more challenging, more original and more experimental. Traditional stations have streaming, but this is only their ’same old’ FM or AM output – but streamed. We recognise online listeners are not seeking the same experience and we deliver accordingly.

With presenters such as the controversial James Stannage, and former BBC presenter Phil Wood Manchester Radio Online is the number one online station in the North West of England.

So if you want to do social media at Manchester its the place to be where you get a the facilities, with top ranges of products for media.

Please leave a comment below for any information you want t0 know.


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