Social media in Photography

Is social media helping your business, or is it simply wasting your time? The truth is, most people don’t have any idea. Bringing your business into social media is easy, but getting something out of it requires more than just keeping in touch with family and friends.

Let’s be realistic about it.

Even with all the talk of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Google+, I still know photographers who don’t know what to do with it. They’ve got a Facebook account because they’ve been told everyone is doing it. They hear that a whole world of new customers are there, waiting for them. It’s a new, great, easy, and cheap way to market themselves.

I also noticed that these photographers had a greater sense of self. They know what their specialties are, and what they love to shoot. They are fully aware of what makes them different. They tend to identify with a group, or “tribe”, in real life, and social media is simply a tool that helps them connect with other members of their own tribe.

Jurgen Banda-Hansmann is a photographer in Cape Town, South Africa. He uses Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as marketing tools for his business. He specializes in portraiture (especially for people who may be uncomfortable in front of a camera), and event photography (corporate events, birthday parties, and business networking events.)

He uses Twitter to connect mainly with publishers and other photographers. Facebook is a place where he initiates dialogs with people with the goal of establishing a trusting relationship with existing and potential clients. LinkedIn, he says, is a regular source of assignment work.

The image on the below, of champagne glasses at a corporate event, is an image that came from an assignment generated via his connections on LinkedIn.


In Manchester their are lots of professional photographers. These photographers in Manchester go to lots of different types of event to take photos for their clients and then they give those photos to the owner where he/she can upload them on Facebook or twitter or any other social media site, and this is where people will come to this beautiful Manchester because of only the professional photographers

So guys if you have any questions about social media in photography please leave a comment


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