International perspective of Social Media in manchester

Social media around Manchester has lots of events going on

At different in Manchester you can see lots of social media icon that is been used such as follow us on twitter or like a page in Facebook as shown below in the image. This two platforms are very famous and used a lot than any  other platform, so this tells us that that this is the only way people can contact internationally

In Manchester I have hardly seen the QR codes used but when i saw it the first time i couldn’t understand it but then realized what QR codes used to do.

Sharing information like this through out the social websites explains why its so important for our beautiful Manchester.

In Manchester I have seen many restaurants and different places where people use check-in and also other sorts of social media like Tumblr which I personally use it on my phone which is more like uploading pictures, creating blogs so other people can have a look its just another type of WordPress. This apps help people around Manchester upload pictures and create blogs



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