Jamie Robinson the photographer

Jamie Robinson one amazing photographer in Manchester!!!!

Suzi arranged to meet a photographer as we could not find an event for our assignment. Jamie Robinson works in a  place which is the impressive building on Deansgate in Manchester. Looking at the picture below I thought it was a church but then I found out it was John Rylands library

Enjoy England Quality Assured Visitor Attraction

We as a group we had to create questions so that we could ask the photographer. This questions were planned and ready to be asked to Jamie. The question were related to social media and also about photography in social media .

Jamie like the question that he was been asked about social media in photography because he was an photography him self . The question we asked were:-

1)Does photography help or hinder your socialising?

2)Did you find that social media helped to promote your recent exhibition in New York?

3)Do u think social media in photography is important in Manchester?

4)What are the benefits as photographer of attending social media events?

5)How important is socializing with other photographers to you as an individual?

So as you can see this questions above they were easy to ask Jamie and they easy to answered back to us and this helped us to do our social technology assignment

If you have any question about Jamie Robinson feel free and leave a comment below


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