About me

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My name is Samir Sanghani. I was born in Nairobi Kenya and moved to Britain for my studies. I am 19 years old and currently studying multimedia internet technology at University of Salford. I have got some experience on this course on how to create website, creating a network on the IPsimulator, creating a print publication(leaflets) for a client, I also have created a database for a customer where the user can add the customers entries for his/her business. The software I used in my course are Net-beans for creating a website, Visual studios for creating a website and a calculator, Adober Photoshop, illustrator,flash, Quark express and Indesign for my print publication. Last but not least I also used Adobe audition for a podcast, Cuba for MIDI audio sessions.Using this software were very help full because they helped me on how to create website ,combining all the techniques and software that I used will help me alot in the future especially in a job.

I as a person I like playing football, swimming,going to the gym and also going out with my friends. Another point is I like playing Scottish bagpipe and played in different locations like local town Bolton for a charity company, Played in India in 2007 for an Indian culture, played in London Trafalgar square for an Indian activity and finally played in Kenya for an Indian Culture.


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