My name is Samir Sanghani. I was born in Nairobi Kenya and moved to Britain for my studies. I am 19 years old and currently studying multimedia internet technology at University of Salford. I have got some experience on this course on how to create website, creating a network on the IPsimulator, creating a print publication(leaflets) for a client, I also have created a database for a customer where the user can add the customers entries for his/her business. The software I used in my course are Net-beans for creating a website, Visual studios for creating a website and a calculator, Adober Photoshop, illustrator,flash, Quark express and Indesign for my print publication. Using this software were very help full because they helped me on how to create website ,combining all the techniques and software that I used will help me alot in the future especially in a job.

I as a person I like playing football, swimming,going to the gym and also going out with my friends. Another point is I like playing Scottish bagpipe and played in different locations like local town Bolton for a charity company, Played in India in 2007 for an Indian culture, played in London Trafalgar square for an Indian activity and finally played in Kenya for an Indian Culture.


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