Me and My Media

Hi everyone this is my second blog called me and my media!

I will show you what I have done over the two years in university, what I have created for example a video about a crime and a podcast that I created on weather news!!

This above link is a video about crime awarness. It was created on 15th April 2011. This video was a group project assignment by creating this video it help me to gain lots of skills for example how to use the camera, how to use the microphones and how to use the actual software for editing the video.

We access Social Media everyday such as Facebook, twitter, youtube through our Digital Media such as our devices, we refresh our News feed every time we want t  so without it we would be lost. The above video shows how we would not cope without digital media and our devices

If you want any another views on the topic then I suggest reading Ehsan Imrans’s blog at

Social media and the devices helps us mantain our meetings, call our friends and its fun! The image below: (google: Digital media:tuchdesign)

In my opinion, I use lots of digital media; I use the web to surf on facebook, my university work, I watch television for my best programs, use my blackberry for blackberry message and finally I use my ipod to download games and music.

Everybody uses the technology whether your role is an IT or a computer programmer the options are always high as the Digital media grows. Below is an example of a podcast that I have created.

What type of Media do you use?Can you live without it?Is it useful?Does it make lives easier and faster?Please leave a comment what you think


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